Saturday, 28 December 2013

The trip ends

The Far East  trip ends and the long journey back begins from Hong Kong to Dubai and then to Gatwick.
Many good memories of interesting places and people we have met along the way, not least of all, our 4 dining companions on the ship, Kyomi, Jeff, Barbara and Alan.
My father inspired me when I was a young child to want to travel and read about travel adventures, real and fantastic.   As a teenager I started to travel alone and with friends and have continued to both travel and work abroad since then.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to travel with my father on this trip.

A formal night on the ship.

Going to Hong Kong Airport


A few more sketches from my Moleskin, travel watercolour sketchbook
Mythical bird - in History Museum, Ho Chi Minh City

Woman with a thousand arms and eyes...I didn't get them all!
In History Museum, Ho Chi Minh City
Halong Bay

Details from Cambodian temple

Friday, 20 December 2013

Raffles Hotel sketch

I stayed in a hotel in Singapore close to the famous, beautiful Raffles Hotel, named after the British colonial administrator SirThomas Stamford Raffles who was there in the early 1800s.
I sat in a quiet courtyard drawing the architecture and courtyard palms using pen and ink, and then added some watercolour wash.

Thailand Sketches

Ancient capital of Siam.   Sketch in gardens of Bang Pa-In Summer Palace of King Rama V.
Budha at Ayutthaya ruins

Sketching scooters in Vietnam - Nha Trang at Long Son Pagoda Tuesday 17th December

Why sketch scooters?  I have never seen so many in my life!
There's a population of 9 million people in Ho Chi Minh City (was called Saigon) and the guide said that there are about 6 million motorbikes and scooters.
We were waiting for about 20 minutes for some others on the excursion to climb some steps at Long Son Pagoda to see a giant white budha but we stayed at the bottom in the temple courtyard, which rapidly turned itself into a scooter/bike park!

Halong Bay Vietnam. Last stop before Hong Kong

We are docked in this beautiful bay.  We took a tour boat today which drew alongside and sailed around the bay to see more incredible limestone rock formations and also to visit some huge caves.  Cooler today, but bright sunshine once the early morning mist had cleared.

Father was up before dawn waiting for the sunrise in order to catch that special early morning light.


On the excursion boat
Looking down on the jetty

Setting out to see some of the 2000 limestone islands

 Fruit sellers coming alongside to sell their produce
 In the caves
 The intrepid photographer enjoying the challenge of how to capture the rock formations but avoid the people
Disembarking from 'our' boat

Halang Bay

I bought a face mask in Halong Market - ideal for riding on a scooter.   Just need the scooter....